Copy Watches Breitling Avenger Seawolf Chrono Blacksteel Watch [0c79]
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Coming up from Breitling is a new ultra accurate quartz watch with a lot of the fancy engineering that makes up for this watch not being mechanical. This is a necessary thing to point out as most watch lovers see quartz as reason to not buy an otherwise high quality timepiece. All Breitling quartz watches come with thermo-compensated quartz movements. They call this "SuperQuartz," reference number for the movement is the Breitling calibre 73, and it is further COSC Chronometer certified. Such movements are often accurate to within a few seconds a year. The difference aside from the high quality components and construction is a special quartz regulator that makes necessary adjustments during changes in temperature. Such changes are the leading cause for variations in reliable rate results for quartz watches. They are also much more expensive to make than normal quartz watches. Another cool features is Breitling's magnetic chronograph pusher system. This was introduced by them about two years ago and makes it so that you can use the chronograph underwater (something that is generally forbidden to do). I wrote more about Breitling's magnetic pusher system here a while back. Another interesting feature the watch has is a "directional memory" system. Note the compass degree markers on the flange. I am not sure how this works, but you can set a specific direction you are headed into the watch, and you can set the watch to recall that specific direction on command. Other features include the time, date, and split second chronograph. The watch itself is in steel with what looks to be a DLC (diamond like carbon coating) and is 45.4mm wide. The case has a domed